Eating for Hormonal Health Workshop
Eating for Hormonal Health Workshop
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Eating for Hormonal Health Workshop

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Wednesday, May 1st, 2024 @ 6:30PM

Feeling frazzled? Foggy-headed? Tired all day? Or feeling generally off? Imagine waking up with renewed energy, feeling sharper throughout the day, and embracing a more balanced mood...

Join us for our Eating for Hormonal Health workshop! 

The workshop will include: 

  • Organic dishes from Bluebird Canyon Farms - made fresh by Dr. Bree from her local farm! Dr. Bree will provide a light dinner of healthy, fresh, and organic food for all attendees 
  • Education on hormones, both male & female, and solutions for hormonal imbalances according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) 
  • Common diagnoses related to major hormonal issues Herbology as a remedy for hormonal imbalance 
  • Herbal and dietary recommendations for menstruation, menopause, and andropause
  • General diet and lifestyle tips for hormonal regulation

Organic produce from Bluebird Canyon Farms will be available for purchase at the event including fresh-baked sourdough bread, organic produce, edible herbal bouquets, & more! 

Join us to learn practical strategies and delicious recipes to transform your diet and regain hormonal control!

$15 fee for delicious food from Bluebird Canyon Farms!


Located at 330 Park Ave, Laguna Beach, CA, 92651